I published the list of the 12 video games that left the biggest impression on me in close to 30 years of gaming over at The New Leaf Journal (see article). My New Leaf Journal article contains my reasoning for each selection. Here, I will re-post the list without the essay.

  1. Pokémon Red
  2. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
  3. Pokémon Gold
  4. Animal Crossing
  5. SMT Persona 3 FES
  6. SMT Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden
  7. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  8. Paper Mario
  9. Super Mario 64
  10. Pokémon Ruby
  11. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  12. Pokémon Trading Card Game

There is no strict criteria for the list. I interpreted my prompt subjectively and considered which games made the biggest impression on me for one reason or another. The list is not a ranking of the best games I have played or necessarily my absolute favorites (I do, however, very much like all of the games on the list). For example, I prefer most of the classic Mario 2D platform games to Sonic 2 today, but Sonic 2 was the reason why my first console was a Sega Genesis.

If you have your own list, feel free to write your own article linking to this one (or to my New Leaf Journal essay) and using the form below the post (unless your site automatically sends Webmentions). You can also respond to the Fediverse version of this post.

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