Santa Owl by Michal Rzeszutek (Openclipart - boican's album)
A cartoon owl in a Santa hat bearing two wrapped presents. The image is on Open Clip Art and in the public domain.

I enjoy some of the fun public domain images on Openclipart. For Christmas 2022, I shared a “cat Christmas tree” over at The New Leaf Journal. This year, I will use my new social posting site (it seems more conducive for the purpose) to share a fun Openclipart Christmas owl posted by Openclipart artist Michal Rzeszutek.

Public domain Openclipart image of a round cartoon owl in a Santa hat holding a blue and green wrapped present in each of its wings. The owl is looking straight at the reader as if it wants to share its presents. Image by Michal Rzeszutek.
Public domain image from Openclipart by Michal Rzeszutek.

Merry Christmas!

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