Show Pages ID (WordPress Plugin) by YYDevelopment (YYDevelopment)
Description Show Pages IDs is a plugin that will show allow you to view the IDs of pages and posts in wordpress. With Show Pages IDs plugin you will be able to views the pages and posts IDs in the top admin menu bar and in the back-end admin panel as well. Show Pages IDs Plugin Features Reveal pages...

I use YYDevelopment’s free (including of cost) and open source WordPress plugin, Show Pages ID, both here and on The New Leaf Journal. I received a dismissible banner on my plugin page asking for a WordPress review. What about an on-site review? Show Pages ID is a very simple plugin that adds a field to the WordPress admin screen for posts that shows the post’s numerical ID. It also covers pages and custom post types. Not every site needs to know post IDs, but I have at least one plugin on both of my WordPress sites for which I need post IDs. The plugin is lightweight (only adds one option to the site) and written in pure PHP (see details). I recommend it if you need an easy way to see post ID numbers as of December 7, 2023.

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