Yukinu's 5am Udon Recipe by Yukinu (Yukinu's Blog)
Here’s my go-to recipe for early morning Udon noodles. The recipe is in MealMaster format (see Jan Wedekind’s site for more info on the format, it’s a very old format from a DOS application named Meal-Master), and you can read and manage MealMaster recipes using the Free Software application AnyMeal.

Yukinu over at Yukinu blog posted a simple and tasty looking 5am udon recipe. I approve with the qualification that I would opt for unsalted chicken broth (if I am adding soy sauce) and that I am not sure if I am ready for udon at 5 AM (I usually prefer hot cereal for breakfast). But what most caught my attention in the post was the format Yukinu wrote the recipe in, the MealMaster format. It looks like simple markup and another blogger/developer maintains a full resource on it. Bookmarked, and added to my Zotero, for future reference.

This buttery, garlicky sausage and rice recipe is simple, cheap, and pretty much to die for by Dale Roll (SoraNews24)
Plus, the stores sometimes even put out recipes, making it even easier to use them! For example, the official Twitter of 7-Eleven’s 7-Premium brand of prepared foods posted the perfect recipe for your busy weekday meal featuring their plump and juicy “Golden Wieners.”

SoraNews24 published an entire article about making a recipe released by 7-Eleven in Japan. I think the recipe looks good (“to die for” is probably excessive, however). But regardless of whether you think 7-Eleven’s sausage-butter-rice dish looks appetizing, I am sure you can join me in praising the convenience store chain for fully embracing open source.